Dragon Born Closed Beta Launch in March

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Dragon Born

March 6, 2012 - It has been confirmed that browser-based action MMORPG Dragon Born is slated for a March 2012 launch. A fantasy saga that is prefaced by an epic war between dragons and demons, Dragon Born combines the quality of traditional client MMOs with the flexibility of browser-based gaming.

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Aside from Dragon Born's lush graphics (that we hope the screenshots will do justice), we'd also like to add that Dragon Born features a few twists in existing RPG systems:

Of Mounts and Evolution

Our class-specific mounts come with an evolution system – change your mount's outlook and add to its arsenal of abilities. Mounts can be evolved for both aesthetic and practical attributes. Ride across the lands and engage on mounted combat! Be it the Azure Forest Tiger or the Armored Drake, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Epically Epic Gear

Dragon Born features hundreds of class gear to mix and match from. Building a min-max character? Have an inexplicable obsession for pretty colors? Fear not, there's more where that purple stuff came from; scour for epic gear in dungeons and fulfill your pursuit for that elusive Dragonslayer Blade.


The Dragon Bloodline system lets you spend Potential points to upgrade various bloodlines. When a bloodline is fully upgraded, its level will increase and you will gain the relevant attribute bonus. During the course of upgrading bloodlines, you will expend huge amounts of Potential, so watch how you spend your points.


Typically a bane for players who like it solo, Dragon Born conveniently offers NPC hirelings to beef up your squad if you lack a party. Dragon Born does not discriminate against people who enjoy casual gameplay (or who don't like having friends).

Daily Events

A daily abundance of interesting events await player participation. Both PvE and PvP are catered for player variety - caravan escorts, dungeons, legion battles, arenas, pretty much anything and everything can happen on a daily basis.


Much like guilds in other contexts, legions offer perks such as bonus EXP from monster kills, so we wouldn't really recommend leaving home without being in one.

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These are just some of Dragon Born's available content in the closed beta, so do stay tuned for specifics in March, and we hope you will look forward to the giveaway event and the closed beta itself!

Dragon Born Image

For more information on Dragon Born:

Official Dragon Born Site -
Dragon Born Facebook fan page at



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