SteelWar Online: In-game Assistants Free You from Routines!

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SteelWar Online

The Open Beta of SteelWar Online, the first free-to-play robot-themed SLG brought by PopPace, started more than one week ago. Legions of strategy fans have emerged into this thrilling universe and some experienced ones already reached higher level. Today, the SteelWar Online team would like to share some game tips with which it will become more convenient to enjoy the game.

Once players reach level 30 in SteelWar Online, they are able to activate an in-game assistant to help complete most of the daily routines, such as gathering crystals, starting pilots’ training, donating crystals to crops, exchanging honor or supplying materials. A level 1 Assistant can help complete one routine. Each time the assistant upgrades, she not only changes her appearance but also upgrades her functions to help complete one more job. The highest level assistant can even help enhance equipment and upgrade technology. The assistant system actually frees players from boring routines and lets them enjoy the thrilling battles heart and soul.

In the days ahead, the SteelWar Online team will introduce more in-game systems and functions to help players know the game better, so stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

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