Pockie Ninja: a Video Contest

Date: Feb 29 2012 06:27:47 Source: Official Site
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Pockie Ninja

As Pockie Ninja turns one year old, the Pockie Ninja team will be hosting a video contest. Making a video and sending your best wishs to Pockie Ninja and win the awesome prizes.

Pockie Ninja Video Contest Reward

1.Submit the video

Application Dates: Mar. 1st, 2012 -- Mar. 20th , 2012 CST (GMT -6)

How to participate:

Make an original video (within 2 minutes) about Pockie Ninja's first year anniversary. Language must be English. Please upload your video to Youtube first, then sign up at Pockie Ninja One Year Anniversary Video Contest page and submit the video.


(1. Please provide your real name, accurate and complete contact details to facilitate communication.

(2. Uploaded work shall be deemed to be your consent that Game321 has the right to use them for publicity purposes.

(3. Contents containing pornographic, vulgar, anti-government and any other issues violating public code of ethics are strictly prohibited.

(4. Game321 reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.

2.Vote and share

Duration: Mar. 21st , 2012 -- Mar. 30th , 2012 CST (GMT -6)


Log into the event page, vote for your favorite entries. Limited one vote for one account and IP per day.

You can also share your favorite videos to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and call for more votes from your friends.

3.Event Rewards

Date of award: April. 3rd , 2012 CST (GMT -6)

After the event, we'll review all entries and pick 10 best ones according to the number of votes and quality. Top 2 winners will receive material gifts. All winners will get a forum Anniversary Edition Medal!


First Place-----Reward: Bleach 13 Squads 1000 pieces puzzle + Kakashi Plush Toy

Second Place-----Reward: Ichigo Body Pillow + Gaara Plush Toy

Third Place-----Reward: Low Outfit Purify Stone*6, Medium Outfit Purify Stone*4, Low Pet Purify Stone*4, Medium Pet Purify Stone*2, Anniversary Outfit Wishing Pot*1, Anniversary Pet Wishing Pot*1, Limited Edition Title: Blessing Ninja, Proof of Demon Suppression*150 (worth $50)

Top 10 best videos----Reward: Anniversary Outfit Wishing Pot*1, Dark Red Collection Treasure Jar*50 (worth $25), Anniversary Edition Medal*1

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