Saga of Hero Launches Its New Server: Hero's Arms

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saga of hero

saga of hero

After its updating on 23rd with the new features including Lava Arena, Super Growth Pack , new Titles and new shop score system, saga of hero will launch its 6rd server today (24th februrary) at 11 A.M. GMT+0. This server is named as Hero's arms to convey two meanings: assisstance to heores and euipment of heroes, both of which are important for the path of hero.

Login in this new server, players will immediately receive the super growth pack. Four of these packs will be given include level 1 pack, level 20 pack, level 40 pack and level 60 pack. With these packs, the leveling will be much easier and quiker. To give players more benefits, fresh events are relealsed.

Event: Login Gift

During the event time any characters equal or above level 35 can login to collect bonus gifts at Event manager-Starpolis every day.

Event: Winner Take All

During the event time, characters who win Mythical Ancient, or gain Glorious Battle Song in prophetic arena,or complete the guild resource task will be rewarded with vounchers and fame.

Event: Score Exchange In Mall

Characters will obtain 1 score in Mall for every 10 crystals recharged during event. For example, if you recharge 1000 crystals during event, the character will obtain 100 score in Mall. Playes can exchange special & rare items in Mall- Score section.

During this event, a powerful arm has been unveiled: Wheel of fate. Just have a check of its good stats. It will surely be most heroes's dream to have it.Now in saga of hero, it will no longer be a dream thing.

Event: Power of Titles

New titles have been added in Saga of hero to ease heroes' way of defeating evil forces in the realm of roch. Check the bonus of the highest title. Isn't it amazing?

Max Health + 15000
Strike +1200
Spell +1200
Block +1000
Resist +1000
Heal +1250
Attack Speed +8%
Launch Speed +8%
Movement Speed +12%
Permanent 2 x character EXP

Note: Permanent 1.5 x character EXP and Permanent 2 x character EXP from killing mobs can stack with other EXP bonus like VIP,2xEXP Runes...

Event Sky Ladder Chanllenge

During event time, every character that reaches the highst level and is listed on the ladder board, will receive a 3-day super mount pack.

Apart from all these, palyers in new server can also enjoy 2 exp time and have a chance to get free crystals for top 10 characters. In this free crystal events, players may get 20000 crystals at most.

Hero's arms, as a new server with fresh features, will be a good start for new heores to accomplish their dream.

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