Angel Jars and Color Stones are Coming Again on YooGames DDTank

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KeyWord: DDTank, DDTank Event, DDTank Angel Jar, DDTank Lucky Color Stone, DDTank YooGames

Duration: From 00:00:00 on Feb 20th to 23:59:59 pm on Feb 26th, PST

During the event, open an Angel Jar for a chance of getting a Lucky Color Stone. Lucky Color Stones will have different types and each one of them has its own ranking. The Lucky Color Stone a player gets will then be recorded in "My lucky Color Stone" in our system, thus making it invisible in backpack.

After the event is finished, the system will automatically send rewards to the DDTank players' mail according to the Lucky Stone ranking. Please pay attention to the items you will receive, DDTank players.

DDTank Screenshot

The lucky DDTank player who will be ranked number one will get this artifact-- Janelle, the Boomerang.

DDTank Screenshot

DDTank Screenshot

Take a look at her stunning golden wings, excellent fundamental attributes, and ultimate inlay which are enough for this weapon to be considered the best artifact you can receive.

DDTank players who will be ranked from two to ten will get +5 rare rings with different attribute levels.

Rewards of the event are as follows. Please refer to the picture below.

DDTank Screenshot

DDTank players who will be ranked 11 and onwards can exchange EXP pills according to the number of Lucky Color Stones they get. The way of Lucky Color Stone exchange is to trade the highest level EXPpill first, then use the remaining stones to exchange the lower levels step by step. For example: If you have 150 Lucky Color Stones, you will get 18 EXP Pills Lv3, 1 EXP Pill Lv2, 1 EXP Pill Lv1(18×8+4+2=150).

Note: Artifacts and rings which will be given to the top 10 players are bound and will expire after 23 days. They cannot be operated in the armory and will disappear after exceeding the time limit. If you've always wanted to own these artifacts, you need to be a part of the Lucky Color Stone Event.



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