Saga of Hero: Lava Arena Comes to Light Heroes' Passion

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Saga of Hero

Most people will associate the word "Arena" with the entertainment events in Ancient Rome during Flavian dynasty: slave owners, nobles or freemen watching beasts and slaves fighting each other, the bloody scene of which is quite unacceptable to our highly-civilized people. But nowadays this word has getting popular in games such as World of Warcraft. Here Arena stands for a location for battle between even numbered and even skilled players. In the popular MMORPG Saga of Hero, arenas are also opened to players including Mythical Arena and Prophetic Arena. In these arenas, heroes have proved themselves through the fair PK.

On 23rd Feb, after the maintenance, a new arena Lava Arena will be opened in Saga of Hero.

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The new arena in Saga of Hero has been set at the foot of a volcano; therefore it is named as Lava Arena. Players can get teleported to Arena Keeper from starpolis. Lava arena opens everyday at 17:00 (GMT 0) and will be automatically closed at 17:30.

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To be fair, players can only use skills and items that bought from the NPC inside Lava Arena. This is a great challenge to players' operation. These skills can also be upgraded with arena badges. Don't worry about money problem. All players can acquire these badges through arena battle. As to those new players, even though they may fail to defeat others, they can also gain arena points and badges automatically in Arena.

Saga of Hero Screenshot

Arena points will be given to players for defeating others. After the arena, players will get their rewards according to how many points they have. In this way, the true hero will arise.

Saga of Hero is an action-packed fantasy MMORPG, which is constantly updated with new features. Now join Saga of Hero to experience this challenging Lava Arena.

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