Iron Grip: Marauders: Let the Tournaments Begin!

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Iron Grip: Marauders

Utrecht, the Netherlands – February 2012 – The ultimate form of Player vs Player competition has arrived in Iron Grip: Marauders! Players will now be able to compete in organized tournaments where there will be diverse prizes on offer. For those who prefer fighting the AI, Captain Kolo is here to offer a set of challenge missions unlike anything you'll have done before! Other new features include a perk store, the collections trader, and several new options when setting up PvP battles.

Tournament Competitions and PvP Additions

The tournaments will offer fresh excitement to the competitive players among the game's 250,000+ users. In tournaments where all players will use the same preset units, only tactical skill will determine the victor, while other tournaments will provide a pool of units for players to choose from in each battle, meaning that smart unit selection will also come into play. Prizes could be units, resources, special avatar items, or even real money!

Captain Kolo

From his airship Skysaber, Captain Kolo sets up unusual battles for his wealthy friends to place bets on. He needs people to take on his strange challenges, and he's happy to pay good sums to Marauders who can win these battles against the odds.

Perk Store and Collections

As they play raids, smuggling runs or quest battles in the Anchorpoint area, players will now come across various collection items, which can be exchanged for Gold or Iron at the Kathos Goods Collection. Players can also put out trade requests on their profile pages, offering Gold in exchange for the collection items they need.

A new perk store will allow players to purchase improvements to their energy regeneration, experience gain, and research or unit production speed. These perks will be time limited, with most lasting a week for a moderate Gem payment.



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