Drakensang Online: Release 042 Brings Nice Bonus

Date: Feb 17 2012 07:27:03 Source: Official Forum Views:
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Drakensang Online

Online game publishers Bigpoint have just announced that they have introduced Release 042 in Drakensang Online. Now all the players can enjoy a nice bonus in this epic browser-based RPG.

Release 042 is a small release that includes a few new improvements, like the daily login bonus and bug fixes.


Players who login on a daily basis will receive a bonus for doing so. The bonus will become increasingly lucrative when you login multiple days in a row.

Drakensang Online

NOTE - With the addition of the daily login bonus for Drakensang Online, the development team want to celebrate this with a short term and limited "Thank you!" promotion.

During this time the daily rewards will be slightly better then standard.

Instead of the blue essences you will get some purples ones. And also some scroll bombs another day.
Keep in mind this is a limited promotion offer.


  • The data in the stats window has been rearranged in PvP mode so that it is easier to find the specific information you are looking for.

Selected bug fixes:

  • In the "Foxarrific Burrow of Investigation’s HQ," a few graphics mistakes have been removed that allowed opponents to hide behind objects.
  • We have improved the graphics in the "Stonekeep" area.
  • A missing animation sequence was added to Malyssa the witch in Kingshill.
  • When you are searching for a player and confirm his/her name with [Enter], you will no longer automatically be logged into chat.
  • The GUI just got easier to use: the buttons for improving objects in the top menu bar of all screens have been locked.
  • When changing item categories at the Traders, you will now automatically be redirected to the first page.
  • An additional Nebula-crash bug in the game client has been repaired.

Known Issues

Player versus Player:

  • After a dishonorable exit from a running PVP match the tooltip displays a very long time
  • After a dishonorable exit from a running PVP match it could happen, that after 15min wait time the battle registration button stays red and the tooltip shows an active block. But joining is possible.
  • The tooltip on the battleground registration button during an active registration or dishonorable exit disappears to fast
  • Quest keeper witch Malyssa in Kingshill is missing animations



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