Lego Minecraft Micro World Can Pre-order Now

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Lego Minecraft got official last month when concept development started on the final product. Less than a month later and the final kit has been completed along with an official name being chosen: Lego Minecraft Micro World (LMMM).

The LWMM set will consist of 480 pieces, and allows you to create your very own Minecraft landscape consisting of four cubic units. You can pull those modules apart to reveal mines and resources below ground. You also get Steve and the Creeper as characters to place on your landscape.

The designers, consisting of four Lego fans, the Lego Cuusoo team, and Lego designer Steen Sig Andersen, ended up deciding on a 1×1 tile design because it, “packs the most Minecraft DNA into the model per LEGO brick.” The images released clearly show this was the right choice.


As it’s a standard, modular set, there’s nothing to stop you buying multiple LMMMs and making larger Minecraft landscapes. The only limit is how many you can afford as they will cost $34.99 each.

Pre-ordering is now possible with the kits being offered exclusively through JINX until launch. The pre-order process does require you to become a fan of Lego Minecraft on Facebook, which seems an odd thing to require for those people who don’t want to sign-up to Facebook.

If you don’t want to pre-order, then Lego Minecraft will also be available in Lego retail stores and through the official Lego online store this summer. For now, just start planning what landscape you want to create in the actual game in time for when the Lego kit launches.



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