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It seems to me that, anything we do in our daily life can reflect our personality. If you are addicted to games, then, what you do in-game reflects your personality. As a form of entertainment, online games suit different people. Here, let's make an analysis and find out what type of browser games suits you best.

I'll define gamers into the following five categories based on their in-game behaviors: belligerent gamers, emulous gamers, beauty pursuers, introverted gamers and novelty pursuers.

1. Belligerent Gamers

Life attitude: Belligerence is part of your nature. Some people are born to be fond of PK. We can even see that from their infancy. This type of gamers plays games mainly for combat enjoyment.

Game preferences: For most boys, it's a kind of enjoyment to see a creature dying slowly in front of them, particularly when the death is caused by them, from which they can experience a primitive delight. It's particularly true for belligerent gamers. They don't like games without displaying monster or enemy HP bar on the screen. They prefer to see HP decrease in the bar. In addition, the game must feature nice graphics.

Recommended suitable games: RTS games like Crystal Saga, War-themed games like Wargame 1942.

Crystal Saga

Wargame 1942



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