I Used to Like You is a Damn Single House, Then I Took an Arrow in the Knee

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you still racking your brains for spending a meaningful and creative Valentine’s Day? If you are an otaku, and for the past years, you never went out on Valentine’s Day, it’s time for you to go out to see the world and broaden your views. In this article we’ll show you some unusual love stories of otakus from all over the world. Probably, it will help you find your true love.

1. Unbelievable love: Do you think it is too fashionable to get married with a pillowcase or right hand?

2. Game-themed weddings: I am a hardcore player, I call my shots on my wedding.

3. Recommended games for playing on Valentine’s Day: The real world is harsh, so why not enjoy a vigorous love in the virtual world?

4. Online Love is also reliable.

5. Final Suggestions

1. Unbelievable love: Do you think it is too fashionable to get married with a pillowcase or right hand?

Do you fear your neighbors’ strange looking at you. Do you know many otakus married their favorite anime or game characters? Take a look at how those otakus cleared away obstacles and married their beloved ones (either persons or things). Get yourself ready and pick a pillowcase or whatever to end your single life in the church.

Love Plus

Do you admire and envy him? A Japanese otaku fell in love with his female character in Love Plus and he even celebrated her birthday. It seems happiness is within easy reach.Read More >> 

Love with Right Hand

Maybe you can get some inspiration from the above picture.

Love with Pillows

It happened in 2010, this Korean man got married with a pillowcase, setting an example for other otakus.Read More>>

Love with Pillows

This dude took his favorite game characters out for shopping. Did he scare away nearby passengers?

Animals' Love

Animals' Love

The above two pictures respectively show the love between a sheep and a deer in a Chinese zoo, and the love between a sheep and a hen on a German farm. Their love is recognized and blessed by local people.

Here, we only want to tell you that true love can happen between different races, genders, etc. But it is everybody’s duty to take good care of animals.



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