Conquest of Thrones: Level 60 Expansion Goes Live

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Call of Thrones

Frankfort, Germany – Feb. 4th, 2012 –, the European browser game portal announced its new update to Conquest of Thrones. During the past one month since it launched open beta, this game had won applausive comments and popular demand for new game content.

Now you can unlock level 60 and log on for a brand new experience in Conquest of Thrones!

The expansion will release at 11:00am CET (GMT+1) Saturday the 4th, Feb.

Update Content:

1. The max level cap will be increased to level 60! Get Lv60 Legendary (purple) Equipment when upgrade Lv30 Legendary Gear or Lv 50 Epic gear!

Conquest of Thrones

2. Tower of Babel will be unlocked! It is a 100+ level solo instance that allow players to obtain the new Greater Combat Mastery scrolls that give 100,000 xp and extremely valuable treasure including rare items.

3. New Lv60 Instances, and are now available with high-end item drops.

4. Pet/Mount Equipment now drops from Instance bosses! Player can enhance his character attributes by equipping his pet and mount with awesome gear!

Fire Bird

Fire Bird

Ancient Drake

Ancient Drake

High Tier Mounts can be taken into combat, making you more powerful and fearsome in battle.

Conquest of Thrones

5. New PvP Restriction Rules are now in place, players cannot assassinate other players if they are 10 levels above their own level.

For more details about this update, you can visit:

About Conquest of Thrones:

Conquest of thrones is a FREE action RPG that enables you to explore your own destiny while conquering territory and gaining power. With the background of a kingdom in chaos, you must serve your clan and bring peace to the kingdom on the brink of war. The game’s 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer you the best graphics and smoothest gameplay of any browser-based game on the market. In addition with detailed character customization and trade specialization systems, you will direct the path of heroes to win a war for your kingdom.

Official website:

Official Facebook Fanpage:



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