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Shanghai , China - Jan. 16th, 2012 IONES is the home for bowser gamers. IONES's principle is to care every single of you. Your opinion, feeling, experience will be valued here at IONES. This week, IONES is happy to bring you our 2nd free-to-play browser game Epicx – A Battle Of Republic of Rome is starting at Jan 16 5PM (Pacific Time).

Let's go back to 1304 B.C. New Kingdom of Egypt and Hittite Empire started the Battle of Kadesh. Millions of warriors died for their honor and glory. But the battle won't stop as it needs a real warrior to conquer the whole land and get to the top of the world. Who will be the real warrior?

Come on man! Come to prove to the world, you are the leader, the king of the battle. Build your city, get your hero, create your own troop, expand your land to conquer the Roman land, to create your own Rome Empire! The legend is just going to start.

Epicx dates from Battle of Kadesh between New Kingdom of Egypt and Hittite Empire in1304 B.C. As time goes by, we will be at war in Mediterranean till Republic of Rome declines. The whole game based on real true and famous historical events. It will be an amazing historical experience for player but not only a game.

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