Customer Service, to Hate or Not to Hate?

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Customer Service

Most of you probably have gone through such experience: when you complain to the customer service center about your game issues, all you get is always a nice voice comforting you to calm down, but the problem never get fixed.

Everyone knows that the customer service is one of the important channels that connect the game publisher and players. It once carried great expectations of players' but now it only leaves them such impression: "sweet voice, great attitude, but no capability of solving problems".

There are many players who are upset about the customer service of their games. The attitude of the customer service center is good, but it doesn't change the fact that they are not professional nor capable of solving practical problems. Maybe in the traditional views of the publishers or even the customer service personnel, having a sweet attitude is all what customer service is about. They hardly know that sweet words are not what players are looking for. Players come to customer service only when they need help, so if the customer service cannot solve their problems, what do they exist for?

Customer Service

As a player, it is natural to have any of those above thoughts, but have you wondered how customer service personnel see their job?

Knowing about their games is indeed a part of their responsibility as the customer service personnel. However, knowing about games doesn't mean they have the power to fix the problems. In most cases, what they can do is only submit these problems to the relevant department. For example, a player reports a bug to the customer service center, and then what the customer service center will do is pass it to the developer. If the developer cannot fix the bug, then there is nothing the customer service center can do. This accounts for why you always get disappointing answers like "Sorry, we hope you can understand..."

Customer Service

Considering this fact, I'm willing to believe that most staff in the customer service center will help players as possible as they can. However, stuck between developers and players, they have their own straits. If they want to change their bad impressions, they have to work hard together with those online game developers.

So do you have anything to say about the customer service of online games?



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