Call of Gods: The Tournament of Auras Unleashed

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Call of Gods

Call of Gods

The highly anticipated, first official Call of Gods Tournament Server was released by Lekool on Jan 11th, 2012 at 7:00 PM, PST.

Please prepare yourselves for The Tournament of Auras….

TOURNAMENT DATES: 11 January 2012 – 29 February 2012


The tournament will be split into two sections: an individual competition, and an alliance competition. Rules for each follow:


Rules: Collect the Auras

Dressing your heroes is not an easy task. Finding complete sets and gaining the extra piece bonus is even more difficult. How many can you find?

There are 34 full sets of equipment in game, each full set is worth a specific point value (listed below). Collect as many as you can to earn points to be the Champion of Auras.

To compete in this competion, you will need to provide 2 screen shots of every equipment set that you collect. When posting this information, entries should be as follows:


Call of Gods Screenshot

***Please notice, we must be able to see your IGN, and the tab showing you are wearing all the pieces and have acquired the piece bonus.

Call of Gods Screenshot

***We must be able to see the specific aura on your heroes, in battle.

POINT SYSTEM: points will be awarded for each completed set, based on the colour of the set, once both required screenshots are provided. Having multiple variations (i.e. Wicked Frenetic and Frenetic) of a set will award you more points.

COLOUR 1st set Value 1st Variation 2nd Variation
BLUE +3 +2 +7
PURPLE +7 +4 +15
RED +40 N/A N/A

Variation could be "Wicked" or "Valiant" set

*** The reputation and honor sets are considered purple sets with one variation. For example, if you post a screenshot with the Emboldening set and the Adamant set you will receive 11 points total.

**** Any event sets released during the duration of the tournament server will be worth double the first set value

It is quite probable that multiple people will have the same number of sets by the end of the tournament so ranking will be done not only by points, but first to post as well. Please post your entries as soon as possible.

POWER OF AURAS BONUS: During the event, you can receive 25 bonus points for each hell mode dungeon master you defeat while all six (6) of your hero’s are using full equipment sets of different types. They MUST be wearing 6 DIFFERENT sets.

Call of Gods Screenshot

Screenshots for the "Power of Auras" bonus must be posted in the fashion showed above. The first screen shot shows your in game ID, your heros with their auras, and a message indicating the start of the battle as a time stamp. This is best done in alliance chat since you may ask your alliance members to refrain from speaking for a few short moments. The second screenshot closes the chat box to allow a clearer image of your six auras. It should include the whole screen as well so that the monsters in the first pictures may be matched. The last screen shot confirms both the victory and a message indicating the end of the battle as well as the initiation message. It is important to have 3 screenshots as the second screenshot on its own does not confirm victory. The third screenshot would cover several heros, making it impossible to prove that there were 6 different auras present. Lastly, the first screenshot is used to confirm that the second screenshot and the last screenshot are from the same battle. Please use "battle start" and "battle end" as the initiation and ending messages to allow for uniform posts.


Does your alliance have what it takes to conquer and hold cities? Can you defend them against fierce opponenets? Accept the challenge and find out!

Alliances that participate in this competition are allowed to have NO MORE THAN 50 members. You may not, at any time, have more than 50 members, or you will be disqualified from the event. Please make note of this, it is very important.

Call of Gods Screenshot

For any unowned city that you conquer, your alliance will earn 25 points.

For any occupied cities that you conquer during an alliance war, you will earn 15 points.

At the end of the tournament, you will receive 10 points for any city that your alliance currently holds.

To post for the alliance competition, the ARCHON of your alliance will need to post as follows:

IGN: AwesomeArchon
ALLIANCE: TheBestoftheBest

This will need to be posted after every alliance war.

No multi accounting of any kind is allowed. If you are found to have more than one account, you will be immediately disqualified from both tournament events.

Individual Prizes:

CHAMPION OF AURAS: $100, 1500 gold, red hero
1st Runner Up: $50, 1000 gold, red hero
2nd Runner Up: $30, 500 gold, red hero card

At the end of the tournament, all players and staff will vote on the players from the final TOP 20 in ranking. Things such as skill, dedication, helpfulness will be taken into account. The winner will receive an IPAD!

Alliance Prizes:

1st Place: 400 gold for all members of alliance
2nd Place: 300 gold for all members of alliance
3nd Place : 200 gold for all members of alliance




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