First Facts Revealed about Skylancer - Battle for Horizon

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The new, free-to-play online strategy game Skylancer - Battle for Horizon will start in Europe in the spring of 2012. For the first time, ProSiebenSat.1 Games in corporation with Chimera Entertainment and GamesInFlames is now announcing some content of the browser game which is being developed in Germany. The website for the game is already available at As of now, players can apply there to be part of the Closed Beta phase.

Skylancer Screenshot

Players reign over flying islands

Skylancer - Battle for Horizon, developed by Chimera Entertainment from Munich, will offer players a fantastic world with lovingly drawn cartoon-style graphics in the new year. In the battle for the planet Horizon, they become skylancers, rulers of islands that float in the air. Three factions will be available: the expansionist Empire, the peace-loving Alliance, and the opportunistic Renegades. Their tactics may be different, but they all pursue the same goal: In cooperation with other players from their faction, they set out to construct a tower all the way to the moon, where artifacts from the legendary people of the "Selenites" are buried. Through their technical excellence, these should provide a crucial advantage in the fight for the planet.

Exciting mixture of building strategy and tactical battles

Skylancer – Battle for Horizon presents a one-of-a-kind setting: The vivid game world, which can be rotated, is unique in both content and graphics. The open world of Horizon sets all kinds of different tasks for the players. Upgrading their own island is just as important as recruiting a powerful army and completing quests. Harvesting and managing various resources, unlocking new units, exploring the planet Horizon and conquering it one PvP or PvE battle at a time – the players get to decide for themselves on which tasks they want to focus.

Skylancer – Battle for Horizon appeals to both casual and hard-core gamers. While newcomers benefit from clearly structured menus and straightforward gameplay, various strategy options, combinations, and game elements pose a challenge for experienced players as well.

Skylancer Screenshot

Closed Beta signup

Interested gamers can sign up at for the Closed Beta phase of Skylancer – Battle for Horizon as of now. The conquest of Horizon will start in the spring of 2012.

For more information about the game, please visit



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