PopPace Unveils the World of SteelWar Online

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SteelWar Online

PopPace recently revealed plans to launch its first robot-themed SLG called SteelWar Online, giving players power over world creation and demolition, map exploration, and characters with cutting-edge robot shapes. The few details released so far have left gamers wondering what kind of enigmatic universe they can look forward to exploring. Now it's time to take a peek behind the veil of secrets as the epic tale of SteelWar Online unfolds...

SteelWar Online

In year 20XX AD, chaos that caused by overpopulation, over-pollution, resource shortage, famines and other violent affairs was increasing extremely fast and finally became mayhem across the globe. Earth Union announced space colonization plans. Human beings were forced to migrate into the galaxy. Then, the Universe Calendar (UC for short) began...

More and more colonies were founded along with Earth Union's migration. The gradually awakening awareness of independence gathered people from colonies and established a country called Geon Dukedom several years later. They also declared a war of independence to Earth Union. Depending on their down to date weapons and robots, Geon won some battles at the very beginning. However, Earth Union's counterattack made the war fall into a stalemate.

At that time, a research group called EOT led by Doctor Bion Zordako was investigating the mysterious gigantic object dropped on the Earth, which was ultimately considered as remains of a space battleship forged by the "Unknown Culture". Bion Zordako also proved that creatures from that Unknown Culture schemed to launch large-scale wars. However, Earth Union didn't buy it. On contrary, they kept enhancing the military force, in pursuit of the leadership in the world. Bion Zordako took advantage of the war between Earth Union and Geon to form an organization called Divine Crusader (DC for short) to research for aliens' superpower technology and invent exclusive weapons which could be used to fight against those aliens. At last, DC forged two colossal space battleships and set up a base on Jupiter to resist aliens' invasion.

The conflict among Earth Union, DC and Geon may burst out at any time. Not to be taken lightly, those unknown aliens make the situation more intense.

Players will have their choice of any of the three factions mentioned above, and immerse themselves in the moving tales of SteelWar Online. The world of robots is waiting to be explored, conquered and defended by players and their allies!

About PopPace

PopPace is a fast-rising digital interactive entertainment company, founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher. It is dedicated to developing itself into the world's largest interactive entertainment platform by providing unique gaming environments and communities to gamers across the globe.

Visit to learn more about PopPace and visit for more SteelWar Online news as new details emerge from the shadows.



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