Do You Support Converting Popular Animation into Browser Games?

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As browser games evolve faster and faster, more and more adapted elements are seen in games now. There are elements adapted from popular novels, hot client-based MMOs, famous movies and teleplays, and recently from booming animations. Not long before, Japan-based Strategy & Partners had just announced that they were planning to convert the super-hot Japanese anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica into a browser-based game. As a browser-based MMO fan, what do you think of these animation adaptations?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In my opinion, adapted browser games can take advantages of players' familiarity and fondness of the original work. The loyal fans of the original animation are more likely to be the first group of players. What's more, the hot animation itself is a great advertise for the game, which will save the publisher some budget and work. In the current market, quite a few animation-inspired browser games have achieved great success. Pockie Ninja is one of the best examples.

Pockie Ninja

However, merits and demerits always walk side by side. Compared with other types of browser games, the one adapted from other works is also more likely to be the target of criticism. Excuses like "deviate from the original work", "there is a gap between the game and the animation on the stories and characters" could be the real factors that cause players to leave. So, it is never an easy thing to convert animation into a successful browser game.

As for you, are you willing to try out those browser games adapted from animations?

Will you try out those browser games adapted from animations?



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