What if You Can Marry a NPC?

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A marriage system can be found in many browser-based games, for it can not only bring game companies great profits, but also can enrich gameplay. However, the marriage system in current games only allows players to marry each other. Do you ever think of marrying a NPC?

If players can marry NPCs, I'm sure lots of players will be eager to have a try. Imagine how cool it is if a NPC stands in the city with a title "XXX's Wife" or "XXX's husband" over its head.

However, a game has a limited number of NPCs, probably no more than 100, so only a few players have the chance to marry a NPC. Suppose such a marriage system is available, players may struggle hard in order to marry a desirable NPC.

Well, but which NPC will become the most popular among players?

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Different NPCs have different powers and resources, so their partners may be granted with special privileges.

1. Store Owner NPC

If you marry a store owner NPC, perhaps you can buy items at low prices or even have a chance to set item prices and sell them to others.

2. Gift Pack NPC

Gift pack NPC's are responsible for distributing newbie packs, guild packs, festival packs and leveling-up packs. Becoming a gift pack NPC's spouse will grant you privileges, like asking them for some packages repeatedly.

3. Equipment Upgrade NPC

Equipment upgrade NPC's are responsible for upgrading weapons and equipment. Once you have such a partner, you may increase your odds of success for upgrading your equipment. Consequently, you will be able to get any top gear and equipment you want.

4. Teleporter NPC

Are you sick of running around? Then marry a teleporter! No matter where you want to go, you can reach the destination in 2 or 3 seconds.

5. Pet Tamer NPC

Have you ever dreamed of having a powerful pet fight side by side with you? No problem! If you marry a pet tamer NPC, you can pick any pet you like.

If players are allowed to marry NPC's, they will not dedicate themselves to leveling up and earning money, but instead they will try everything they can do in order to marry a NPC. If there is really such type of game allowing players to marry NPC's, which NPC do you want to marry most?

Which NPC do You Want to Marry Most?



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