Kingory: Christmas Celebrations are Waiting for You!

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With Christmas fast approaching, Kingory has created some fun events for all you guys out there. From 9:00 am Dec 24, 2011 to 9:00am Jan 3, 2012 (Kingory Time),lords will have the opportunity to obtain Holy Spear, Holy Ring, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Trees,Christmas Gift Sets and Christmas Suit Boxes from old Saint Nick himself!

The detail for celebration:

Santa Claus:

From 9:00 am Dec 24, 2011 to 9:00 am Jan 3,2012 (Kingory Time), each may find Santa residing in the Tavern. If you recruit him, you'll be rewarded with a gift!

Merry Christmas Login Reward

From 0:00 am Dec 25, 2011 to 0:00 am Jan 3,2011 (Kingory Time), log in Kingory to receive your Christmas gift, a Christmas Stocking! You can exchange these Christmas Stockings in another quest.

From 0:00 am Dec 25, 2011 to 0:00 am Dec 29,2011, you will receive a White Stocking for when you log in.

From 0:00 am Dec 29, 2011 to 0:00 am Jan 1,2012, you will receive a Blue Stocking when you log in.

From 0:00 am Jan 1, 2012 to 0:00 am Jan 3, 2012,you will receive a Yellow Stocking when you log in.

Quest: Happy Exchange

From 9:00 am Dec 24, 2011 to 9:00 am Jan 4,2012 (Kingory Time), if you collect some Christmas stockings (The lord who have a Treasure Map can appraise it in Tavern. You will be told the precise location of the treasure. Conquering that land and do gathering, you may find a Christmas Stocking. ) , you can join our exchange quest to get great gifts such as Christmas Suit!



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