Celebrate the Christmas and Get the Amazing Items in Call of Gods

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Call of Gods

Merry Christmas!

Xmas events of COG (Call of Gods) are released now on

During these events, the drop rate of advanced items in Dungeon is increased extremely now. Players have the chance to get red equips and red hero card in lv60+ Dungeon. Even in the Tavern, players also have chance to recruit the red hero. Players could get the customized red hero as your own requirement and the Santa Clause hero who is the memorial classical hero on COG by meeting our requirements in game.

After the release of red hero of Libra and Scorpio, the 3rd red hero Sagittarius is launched now. Sagittarius is an agility red hero with 95 Potential, i.e. it can attack first when come across the hero with same level to cause great damage before the enemy attack and has high rate to dodge enemies' attack.

Call of Gods Screenshot

During the event, there are also released 5 new suits, which contain 3 set of Christmas Suits, Destroyer Suit with powerful attack and Evil spirit which is the best red suit of lv80. The Christmas Suit could be acquired by defeating the Santa Clause.

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot

During the event, player could defeat there new BOSS of Santa Clause in lv30, lv60 and lv80 map. The Santa Clause BOSS is easier to be defeated and give more Exps than other BOSS in same level. Also, player could get Christmas sock which contains other amazing and advance items by defeating the Santa BOSS.

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot

New Score Shop is increased on COG during the event. With these scores, players could exchange for other precious items like Red Hero Card, Senior Suits Card, etc. Players could get the scores according to your action in game, like completing quests, do alliance quests, etc, It means you will get more scores which equal more or advanced items if you are more active in game.

Call of Gods Screenshot

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