Demarcia Open Beta Test Launched

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Dec 22th 2011, ST games has announced the launch of Demarcia Open Beta Test.

Demarcia, one of the games which is first using real time war strategy. You can intercept the invaders, sneak attack transport, ambush enemy troops, defend your alliance, all you need is to use your brain and power to conquer the world. This is the second open beta test for the game, and all the data will be remained.

About Demarcia

Developed by Xiamen Songtang Animation Technology, Demarcia is a strategic war game set in a European medieval world. You play the role of a lord of a city which you need to develop. You will have to expand your territory by occupying land and winning battles with your army. The game features various and numerous quest, ranging from daily quests to historical quest, which are based on famous real wars. The game possesses a very dynamic economic system which can be adjusted to player's needs and a market is also available to buy all sorts of items.

For the novices in the game, there are more than 40,000 NPC cities for players to attack in order to avoid PVP at the beginning. In your city, the buildings shape will vary from level to level. Continuous improvement of your game level will make your city nice and prosperous. A Cross server competitive function brings more fun and avoids players for never being defeated.

Demarica is developed by silverlight, which is an application .net framework for developing rich internet applications, with features and purposes similar to those of Adobe Flash. It is compatible with multiple web browsers used on Microsoft Windows operating systems and mobile devices, starting with Windows Phone 7 and Symbian (Series 60) phones. It allows you to more easily interact with massive loads of data on the Internet.

Screenshots of Demarcia:

Demarcia Screenshot

Demarcia Screenshot

Demarcia Screenshot



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