Call of Thrones Newbie Package Giveaway

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Call of Thrones

To extend the fun of game playing and help most of the new players to get familiar with the game as well as grow to be a skilled gamer quickly, Yeepgame prepares a number of Newbie Packages for Call of Thrones with abundant content. Hurry up to come and receive them!

Vote for Call of Thrones in the Best Browser Games of the year 2011!

How to participate

Enter here to vote for Call of Thrones in the Best Browser Games of the year 2011! Then it will automatically pop up Gift Claiming page, follow the tips on that page.

Content of the Gift Card:

Greater Spirit Dust*5
Merit Certificate(Private)*20
Study Mastery*15
Greater Study Guide*15
Town Banknote*10
Health Elixir*50  

Gift Package Giveaway Event on Official Forum!

How to participate

Enter here and post your character name in S1 or S2. Follow the tips on the contest desciption on the official forum.

Content of the Newbie Card:

Greater Spirit Dust*1
Merit Certificate(Private)*5
Study Mastery*5
Greater Study Guide*5
Town Banknote*5
Health Elixir*50

Guide on How to use the code:

1. Register for Yeepgame and enter Call of Thrones (

2. Click the Enter Coupon button in the right corner in game.

3. Input your code in the window that appears.

4. Click "Accept" to receive the Newbie Card Package, which will be put into your character's bag automatically. Click B to open the bag and then right click on the red package, you will obtain the gifts.

About Call of Thrones

There are times when the kingdoms of men fall into the mists of the past, when the things that whisper softly in the shadows come into the light. This is one of those times. An ailing king sits upon the throne of our kingdom and the great lords of the land prepare for war. In the South the rivers and green pastures have withered in drought. To the North the wolves and animals of the tundra no longer approach our settlements. Even our people in the western desert weep as sand storms strip their crops and claim their livestock.

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