Operation Gamma 41 Cries Valkyrie And Kick Starts The Season!

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Operation Gamma 41

Just A Game, a rapidly expanding worldwide publisher of browser games, PC, console and mobile interactive entertainment, announced an exciting merge of current servers for their popular browser-based War Strategy MMORPG, Operation Gamma 41 on Dec 13. Named Valkyrie after the secret WWII mission of the same name, the combined server will support a larger number of legions and alliances, as well as increase competition for hotly contested resources. To learn more about Operation Gamma 41 and participate in the renewed war, players can visit

Operation Gamma 41 Screenshot

Move over Tom Cruise, Valkyrie is about to be set ablaze with the hottest missions in World War II yet!

Players can log in now to find their territories have already been transferred hassle-free with no waiting to play!

Valkyrie also heralds the arrival of the OG41 holiday events. From now until December 24th, players can log into the game every day for special prizes via the advent calendar. Throw open the daily door to reveal a special mission for the day. Complete these missions for a special reward each day, with the largest of the special prizes to be distributed on Christmas Eve. The more doors that a player completes on their calendar, the bigger the gift will be. Finish every mission for the ultimate gift!

"The daily missions give players yet another reason to log in every day and allows them to shape the new server's story over the holiday season," said Patrick Walter, Product Manager of Operation Gamma 41. "Even if you can only play some of the days leading up to the holidays, players will be excited at the full lineup of gifts we'll be unleashing on Christmas day!"

Operation Gamma 41 is a World War II strategy-war game with a twist. Players will choose between Allies and Axis factions and brace themselves for a brutal encounter with an unknown faction. With its unique player driven storyline feature, players can actually influence the outcome of the game by casting votes and changing the storyline direction of the majority server. Operation Gamma 41 will feature competitive combat modes giving players the opportunity to challenge enemies in arena duels, single and co-op mode, create unique war heroes and participate in direct battle control.

Players can find more information and become a recruit at

About Just A Game GmbH:

Just A Game GmbH is a worldwide acting publisher for browser games, PC, and videogames located in Berlin, Germany. Just A Game GmbH is an affiliated company of Bob Mobile AG and employs a highly motivated team with extensive experience in the games industry. Just A Game GmbH brings marketing, direct retailing of online and mobile multiplayer games and social games into focus. In addition, Just A Game GmbH performs b-2-b distribution of online games and valuable publications for next generation consoles and PC., Just A Game not only covers every part of interactive entertainment, but also draws on a strong, global network of partners and strategic marketing cooperation. More information about Just A Game GmbH and current publications at



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