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Soccer Viva Online

Soccer Viva Online

The best browser-based soccer manager game Soccer Viva Online will start on 20th December, 2011 at 14:00 (GMT +8 hours). To celebrate it, the developer also prepared plenty of events for all the players. Challenge the world with your favourite soccer players!

Soccer Viva Online

Event 1: Soccer Viva Everywhere!

It's EVERYWHERE! Everyone are talking about Soccer Viva! Show us your passion! Use our specific signature banner and create a new post sharing anything about Soccer Viva. You will get a rare Orange player card! Dont' miss the chance!!

Event 2: Talent football manager wanted!

WE NEED YOU! It's time for you to join us and battle with other players! Visit the Facebook Page and “Like” the Soccer Viva page to get a random player card!

Event 3: Top of the Ladder

Who is on the TOP!? Battle for TOP RANK 100! You will get a great reward! The reward only award for champion!

Event 4: Viva Pro

How Pro you are? Just show me your abilities and let's meet up at LV10! And you can get a prizes when we meet!

Event 5: The Big Challege From the GM!

Want to prove yourself? Here is your BIG challenge! Visit the CHALLENGE Room and take the challenge! The best man takes all the glory!

(The game time is based on GMT +8 hours.)

Soccer Viva website:
Soccer Viva Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:!/GameCyber_ENG



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