Minecraft: Was Developed in 48 Hours

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As one of the most distinctive games of 2011, can you believe it was created in 48 hours? News from


Markus Persson, the independent developer who more commonly goes by the name of Notch, is best known for creating the game Minecraft and founding Mojang AB.

As well as developing and releasing one of the best games of 2011, he’s also someone who clearly loves making games whenever he can. Evidence of this comes from the fact he has just participated in the latest Ludum Dare accelerated game development competition.


The rules of Ludum Dare are quite simple. Participants are told what the theme is just before the competition starts and then have 48 hours to create a game based around it. For Ludum Dare #22 that theme was “Alone” and Notch took it as an opportunity to create what looks to be a Zelda-like mini Action RPG.

The game is called Minecraft and tasks the player with killing the Air Wizard–the only other sentient being in the world. In so doing, you will be completely alone thus fulsilling the theme requirements. Along the way you will fight a variety of enemies and can collect food and items by chopping down trees and killing things. There also seems to be a range of useful items other than food to collect in your inventory.


The good news is you can play the game right now in your web browser. It should keep you entertained for anything from a few minutes to the best part of an hour.

We’ll have to wait and see is Minecraft is good enough to win Ludum Dare, but it is a fairly polished game for just 48 hours of work.



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