Zoomumba Release New Breeding Lab & Animal Nursery

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Today we introduce two brand new features in Zoomumba, giving you the unique ability to breed rare animals in the breeding lab, then raise them to adulthood in the animal nursery. The first animal will be the colorful parrot; there will be 4 new types of parrot, each one rarer than the one before!


Curious? Go to the Zoo Shop, buy the breeding lab building and put it on your playfield. The nurse will explain the new breeding process step by step.

Basically all you need to try breeding your first rare parrots is a normal pair of parrots - one male and one female. You can improve your chances for success by adding collection items, power-feed, super-feed and power pills. Not every collection item and resource increases your chances in the same way - so pay close attention to the hearts, which reflect the value of the individual items.

Once you´ve chosen your animals and items, you can start breeding straight away! Special tip: use Sweetheart Potion to reduce the breeding time by 50%! You can find the potion in the Zoo Shop in “Specials”.

Once breeding has started, you have to be patient. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that you will get a new, rarer parrot baby straight away! Please bear in mind that you may not get a special baby every time, but you can always try to increase your chances by incorporating super-feed, power-feed or power pills and rare collection items into the breeding process.

Zoo Tip: All the adult animals as well as all resources/collection items you use when trying to breed rare animals will be used up – you won’t get them back.

Once the breeding is complete, click on the breeding lab and the success layer will let you know which baby you got. Now to raise your new baby to adulthood! Head to the Zoo Shop, buy the animal nursery, place it on your playfield and click on it to add your new baby parrot! Generally all PetPenny animal babies can be raised in the nursery, but the main purpose is to raise the rare babies you get from the breeding lab into adults that can’t be bought in the Zoo Shop!

When the nursery timer is up, you will get your new adult animal. Good news: Raising an animal in the nursery is always successful! For example, a rare parrot baby 100% guarantees you the same type of adult parrot.

Now go ahead – place your new adult parrots on the playfield – or return them to the breeding lab to try and breed even rarer parrots!

Zoo Tip: Remember you can´t breed the new rare animals in a normal cage – so if you want the rarest and most exotic animals for your zoo, head to the breeding lab and good luck!

Please Note:

1)The basic female parrot is redesigned in red and now suited to the male parrot.

2) New function: when you want to put an animal from inventory on the playfield and you have it on your mouse cursor, you can scroll in the client in all directions until you´ve found the right cage to place it.



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