First Interactions Between Gobbowl and DOFUS

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Roubaix, France – December 14th, 2011 - New shops have been integrated inside DOFUS the game. DOFUS players can get some rare and precious objects thanks to the tokens that will be able to win through the paid tournaments organized in the video game Gobbowl.


ANKAMA now offers to its players some quests divided in two parts. One part has to be completed in Gobbowl and the other one in DOFUS the game.

Taking part in the official Gobbowl tournaments that will be organized at the end of month, players will be able to obtain a new type of token: The Gobbowken.

The Gobbowkens can be exchanged in the DOFUS shops, located near the areas of Bonta and Brakmar, for spell scrolls, candy and various other items!

Players can join Gobbowl official paid tournaments through Ogrines, the official currency of Ankama's games. The tournaments are organized several times a week, in the evening, the afternoon or at the weekend! There will be short and long tournaments in different schedules that will allow the different communities over the world play among them no matter what country they are in.

What is Gobbowl?

Gobbowl is a free-to-play, online strategic sport simulation. Requiring no installation, it features a unique, simultaneous turn-based gameplay system. Set in the worlds of DOFUS and WAKFU, players can choose any of the of the 14 available character classes to join their Gobbowl team. Each player will be able to demonstrate their talents as a coach by sending their team to compete in epic matches around the world!


ANKAMA is an independent digital creation group focused on the entertainment industry: online games, publishing, animation, press, music, merchandising, toys, next generation consoles and mobile phones videogames. The international success of the group's MMORPG DOFUS, the pillar of its universe: the Krosmoz. ANKAMA is also developing WAKFU, a cross media project made up of an animated series, a video game, a card game and comic books. ANKAMA also supports artists with their own universe, with scenarios, videos, music albums or comics projects.



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