Terrific First CBT of Roll n Rock! Most Exciting Rolling Fights!

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Roll n Rock

Roll n Rock Screenshot

The first day of Roll n Rock First CBT (Closed Beta Test) is quite enthusiastic! Large volumes of players rushed into the new server to experience the specific anti-gravity fighting. Most of them feel it novel and interesting. They are itching for a chance to show their talent of good eyesight and agile. In Roll n Rock, the moving speed is the key to the winning.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

Quick moving sometimes decides the result in a fight. Indeed it needs players to be quick with their hands and sharp-sighted. They need to move fast to eat the diamonds and weapons for killing opponents to get scores. On the other hand, avoiding rolling objects from smashing to their bodies is equally an immense trial. Consequently some of the players have mastered the gameplay soon and started to purchase the items and gears with the points or coupons they won in game rounds.

Roll n Rock Screenshot

Some players may feel the rhythm too fast. But it's the delight for people to enjoy in this game. According to the producer & lead designer of this game, there will be more different gameplays for players to be more leisurely to enjoy in rolling home. Please do look forward to it!

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