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Twisted Tribe has released a new trailer for Nadirim, a free-to-play, browser-based, massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) placed in a fantasy world inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights,a world that is fictional in geographical and historical terms but incorporates the best known elements of Arabian fables and mythology like djinns, adventurous thieves, mysterious princesses, potions, alchemy, and - of course - heroes and villains. Nadirim features five different character classes (Warrior, Sage, Nomad, Ruffian, or Caravan Master), each with two different and unique talent trees, a crafting and trade system with huge variety of magical items, social media connectivity, and more.

A new update was recently released, that brought the arrival of:

·Player trade

·Boosts - short and long term attribute enhancements

·New Quests - an expansion of the quest system in Ennahar and Ashra

·Outfits - to awe your friends and enemies with your style

·New Enemies - enhanced mobs and bosses for more challenging fights

·Daily Gift - to be granted at log in every day

·Updated Travel - reorganized transport systems

·Detailed Map - new in-game map for ease of travel and multiplayer rendezvous


In order to celebrate the winter season, the developers created an exclusive Christmas themed instance which will be available with the next patch. So look for the elves!




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