Drakensang Online: NORLANDE Expansion Brings New Faction

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Drakensang Online

Recently, Bigpoint announced massive content updates to their hack and slash, 3D fantasy action MMORPG – Drakensang Online.

Since its open beta launch in August this year, Drakensang Online has already garnered nearly 2 million registered users.

Drakensang Online Screenshot: NORLANDE expansion

New major content releasing just before Christmas:

  • The NORLANDE expansion update is bringing several new quests, more than a dozen new levels, numerous monsters and champions, new bosses, and new character items and equipment to the game.
  • New Third Class – Rangers! Rangers are very agile archers, but also pack a punch. The Rangers will be accompanied by a whole new skill system that makes skills easier and better to use, and significantly improves gameplay.
  • In the coming months, we’ll be doubling the number of skills in each class – also, higher level players will have access to Skill Trees that will be implemented. This will really allow players to individualize and customize their characters and player styles.

Drakensang Online: Ranger Female



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