Clash of Kingdoms New Version 'A New Face of War' to be Unleashed

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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms, the smash hit Strategy MMO set in the Three Kingdoms era, is about to rise to a whole new level. For most of us who have played this game we enjoy the city building the mini-games, the arena, heroes and gear, and most of all the epic battles with hundreds of thousands of troops! As if this game couldn't get any better the Clash of Kingdoms team has announced version 1.4!

We will start with some of the biggest changes. Perhaps the biggest of them all is the new Resource Wars. A whole new map has been created where players can battle each other for control of resource plots. From our understanding, other than resources you can earn vital new items that are used in the new gear improvement system.

The new gear system has a bunch of ways that you can upgrade gear including Enhancing, Upgrading, Refining, Tempering, and recycling your old items (I guess they do care about the environment). There are also two new pieces of gear that are added to your Hero including Medals and Battle Tokens.

In addition to the above there should be a good amount of new Heroes, from what we have seen so far is they are using a lot of new 'Support Heroes' that offer buffs to your troops. In addition they have introduced a new 'Soul' system where you can use rare heroes for a certain amount of time.

There is a lot more packed into this update but we do not have all the info as of yet, including events that will be accompanying it. Keep your eyes peeled to this page for more info to be released. We are all anticipating a great new version. If you want to check it out for yourself you can play the game on Facebook or on their official website here.



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