Supremacy 1914: Slim Design- The Menu Bar

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Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

Tomorrow, the new “Slim Design” will be released alongside the new AI offers, where AI will be able to send you offers through your diplomacy panel. But first, we would like to introduce the final puzzle pieces of our new design: The menu bar and the minimap window.

As the title suggests, we have slimmed down the menu bar and replaced the old icons with more intuitive ones at the bottom of the screen. In this new menu bar, we have also included the icons for the three different map views (strategic, economic, espionage). The first screenshot shows you the new design in its entirety.

Supremacy 1914

But that’s not all. The minimap also underwent some changes: The buttons for the different map views have been removed and the minimap can now be minimized. So if you minimize the minimap and the chat, it becomes apparent why we are calling this “Slim Design”: You have a great overview of your game, even on a small screen (see the second screenshot).

Supremacy 1914

Also tomorrow, we are launching our AI trade offers. Up until now, only human players were able to send you direct offers via the diplomacy panel. From now on, you will from time to time receive offers from AI countries as well.

Both new features will be available tomorrow afternoon.



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