Roll n Rock Roulette System Unleashed

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Roll n Rock

The roulette system is an interesting part of Roll n Rock, allowing players to win random items through spinning the roulette wheel.

Roll n Rock Roulette System

As shown in the screen shot, the big wheel located on the left is the roulette. In the middle of the wheel, you can find the "START" button. Click the START to spin the roulette. When it stops, you'll get whatever item it points at.

There is a distinguishing feature for the roulette system in Roll n Rock. If players want to keep a specific item, they can tick the check box next to the item, and then click Keep. In addition, players can click the "Refresh" button located in the bottom left corner to change the items available in the roulette. But pnote, item keeping and refresh will require players to pay a certain amount of points, so make sure you have enough points.

Players can obtain various items from the roulette, including equipment, VIP Card, Double EXP Card, superior gems, etc., and even have a chance to win 50,000 points. Try your luck at roulette!



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