Which Do You Prefer, Turn-based or Real-time?

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Online games came into being with two categories, i.e. turn-based and real-time. The simplest combat mode of turn-based games is like "you beat me, and I beat you", which values tactics and strategies more. The combat mode of real-time games can be regarded as "you don't beat me, but I've beaten you seriously", which values actions and responsiveness more.

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In turn-based games, players don't have to make difficult operations, but only need click the left/right mouse button within a given time. They can even enjoy gameplay while drinking coffee, which's really relaxing. In contrast with turn-based games, real-time games put more emphasis on actions. This can be seen from not only in-game wars & battles but also the fact that players need keep attentive to controls all the time and struggle to do better than others. Such a feature of real-time games is liable to give players a sense of accomplishment.

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Technically, online turn-based games are mainly in the 2D mode and set not high hardware requirements, while online real-time games are mainly in the 2.5D/3D mode with fast-paced combats and set relatively high hardware requirements. Therefore, players are often troubled by disconnection and unsmooth gameplay in real-time games

Either online turn-based games or real-time games boast unique charm. Online turn-based games have the advantages that can't be reached by real-time ones, and vice versa. So, which do you prefer, turn-based or real-time?

Which Do You Prefer, Turn-based or Real-time?



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