KULTAN: The World Beyond Rolls Out New Patch

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KULTAN: The World Beyond

KULTAN: The World Beyond has just rolled out a significant update including some massive changes to the world of KULTAN. From this new patch, we can see that Bigpoint has put a lot of effort into the balancing of the game entry and making the instances much more attractive. Here is the list of all the new updates in this patch:

Aicanum drops:

- All mobs drop Aicanum now (level range +/-2 of the captain)
- Every champion drops Aicanum (100% chance)


- Removed all gold consumables
- Adjusted Aicanum consumables (lower cooldown)
- Ammo assortment reduced to two types - one adds 100% the other 200% cannon damage
- All ammo types are sold by flying trader for Aicanum


- Endurance bonus per level increased
- Regeneration bonus per level increased


- Enhancers reduced to six types (no more effect combinations, no more vitality and repair)


- Notifications have a new background
- Flying trader has a new icon


- (High) drop chances for:
o Morale potion
o Rare and uncommon enhancer drop (100 % on several mobs)
o Prestige items (Endboss)
- Greatly increased experience reward from mobs
- Rebalancing of first instances (5 Captains with lvl 10) - more will follow


- New trash items
- Standard cannon shot scales with arcane or mechanical power (whichever is higher)
- Fixed Windows XP-Bug that prevented users from login
- Fixed invisibility-bug
- Tutorial can't be skipped anymore
- Voice added to the intro cutscene (DE only)
- Added wharfs on maps without a wharf in a city

KULTAN: The World Beyond Screenshot

New category in the payment: Pets

You can only have one pet active at a time.

- Aquamarin Wingdoll

o 50% experience bonus until level 15

KULTAN: The World Beyond: Aquamarin Wingdoll

- King's Talon

o Buffs maximum hitpoints and maximum endurance
o Occasionally heals and replenishes current endurance

KULTAN: The World Beyond: King's Talon


- Increased hitpoints
- Lower damage


- Assortment of open world shops reduced to morale potions, standard enhancers and blueprints


- Endurance cost for the skills reduced by approx. 50%
- Valkyra Sterling: fixed "Flames of Fury" skill


- 7 new quests that will lead you in the western mangroves
- Minimum level for all quests (captain level not less than two below recommended level to accept)
- Greatly increased experience reward for all quests
- "New friends": questmarker fixed
- "Daily horoscope": fixed quest goal
- "Shell value": quest marker for the Gudtholm has been removed
- "Save the shaman pt. 2": fixed wrong zone indicator



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