Will Players Keep Waiting for Delayed Browser Games?

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You all must be rather vexed about "delay" like me, right? In the current online game industry, "delay" is quite a common sight. We often keep waiting for a game unwaveringly, but eventually see the official announce a delay in releasing the game. That's indeed depressing. Not long ago, Splitscreen Studios announced that they'd put off the 3D sci-fi dinosaur-themed browser game Dino Storm's CBT (originally set to start on Nov. 23) to Q1, 2012. (You can view the related news here.)

Will Players Keep Waiting for Delayed Browser Games?

As we all know, games are delayed mainly for better quality. Delay is not necessarily a bad choice if various problems can be settled prior to game release. After all, the user base of browser games is characterized by "easy come, easy go", and it is difficult for a game with unsatisfactory quality to detain players. Thus, if any delay can bring players better gaming experiences, it's worth players' while to keep awaiting the game!

Anyway, delay is risky too, as no one can guarantee that a delayed game will come up with high quality.

The browser game market which is updated at a high speed greets new products every week on average. So, it's extremely hard for a particular browser game to deeply impress players. If a delayed game still features unsatisfactory quality, it can hardly gain players' support for sure.

If a game is delayed, will you continue waiting for it?

If a game is delayed, will you continue waiting for it?



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