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Roll n Rock

Roll n Rock Main Scene

The upcoming browser-based casual game Roll n Rock from Aiyou Network Technology is unique for its anti-gravity gameplay. Today, we'll show and introduce the main scene of Roll n Rock to you.

In the middle of the interface, you can find Game Hall - the main venue for players to combat against each other.

In the Mall, you can buy clothes, accessories, items, gems, cards, etc., which can be used for increasing characters' stats to improve their performance in battle.

The Smithy allows you to fuse, refine and enchant your equipment.

You can enter the Guild interface to either create or join a guild. If you have already joined one, simply click the buildings to use various functions.

The Leaderboard displays different kinds of rankings, including Personal Ranking and Guild Ranking, where you can check out the top 3 ranked players and guilds as well as all rankings.

In the Chatting Area located in the bottom left corner, you can post messages to chat with others.

The Navigation bar in the bottom right corner contains such buttons as Mall, Bag, Friends, Quests, Mailbox, Guild, Auction, Settings and Back.

Through clicking Daily Guide in the upper right corner, you can claim daily rewards, and check out leaderboard, events and news.

Wedding Church and Airship are not open yet, but players can expect that they will be coming soon with fresh and cool features.

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