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Written by Ken-G.

What!! AOE!! The first look definitely makes you feel as if you are looking at age of empires. Same 2d graphics, resources, buldings, upgrades, researches, building animations except there are no villagers. Welcome to Lord of Ultima (MMORTS – Massively Multiplayer online Real Time Strategy) , a free browser based game presented by EA .

If you have played the ultima fantasy games , don’t be taken in by the name. For first timers , they have to choose a world where their city will be located. A Monica Belluchi look alike female (it’s better to visualize it that way) comes up on the screen and stays with you for some time to get your basics right. After that its totally up to you to manage your city.

Initially you will find the buildings are constructed fast but soon as you reach level 4/5 , the truth comes down with a bang, buildings take minimum 30 mins to level up. Though there is a building which increases the construction time but there is a cap of 100 buildings hence you have to choose the number of buildings wisely.

Here have a peep at my city

Many Buildings to to build from hence build with care. Apart from the time factor , the game is very deep. Tons of strategies can be formed for playing the game. The concept of alliance is there, so that you don’t feel left out. You will be amazed at what people do, people have created multiple cities one city for each resource – stone,wood,iron so that they can feed the resource to their main military city.

Now the good thing is just like Age of Empires you have citywall gives you a secured feeling and towers which can only be placed on city walls( limited number of slots). You also get artifacts some of which can speed up the construction by hours while others increase resources, or increase the speed of army.


Pitfall Trap, mean look.

If you decide to play do vist the wiki to get started – Lord of Ultima Wiki



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