TRIO Features Announces in Browser-based MMORPG Drakensang Online

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Previously, Bigpoint announces the several bug fixes and small changes made in Drakensang Online, but for today, another three major new features are added in the game known as the new 3D Figure, The Buff Bar, and new Crafting Quest.

To give you more details regarding these new additions, the new 3D Figure is located in your inventory. This feature allows players to see their characters in three-dimensional phase. All gears equipped in your characters are now viewable. The second on the list is the Buff Bar that allows players to see the time remaining on their active buffs or debuffs. Run out of buff? Refill the potion or cast a buff again to win every fight. Lastly, a new challenging quest is waiting for all Drakensang players. Visit Matthew Allthings in Kingshill and learn the new crafting activity, provided you must be at least level 6 and above to engage in this quest.


Drakensang Online is known as the first online game in the Drakensang saga. It is an online fantasy browser game where everyone can become a spellweaver or dragonknight. Aspiring players can train their skills and play with or against thousands of players. This game has a fantastic effects and stunning 3D graphics directly on your browser, Epic story with countless quests and diverse landscapes filled with savage monsters. 

For more information about this browser-based MMORPG, you may also visit Drakensang Online official website. 




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