HiThere Announced the Launch of Newest Game Mode to Winning Goal

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Winning Goal

On November, 22 2011 will launch the newest exciting game mode Master's League to our exclusive soccer management title Winning Goal. By challenging master league teams, you can win coach suits and points. In addition, you can exchange your earned points for mall items. So if you haven't already done so, we encourage you to come try Winning Goal now!

Challenge Random Super Players

Each entry costs 20 vouchers for each time you try the Master's League

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The Master's League consists of 12 single-elimination rounds. Opponents are random Club and National teams. Random classic and legend player cards can be used from Level 1 to Level 9, and training levels must be from 10 to 30.

The final boss will be a master- level team you've never seen before. Win the league 7 times in one week, and you’ll have a chance to challenge the top legend team.

Get Exciting Suits

Starting in the fourth round, managers will get win points as well as get a chance to win one 3-piece suit. In the tenth round, winners have a chance to get one 7-piece suit; once a manager defeats a top legend team, they will automatically earn a 7-piece suit.

Managers have to activate the suit's attributes with the equipment of their main players. For example, 3-piece suits need 3 players’ different equipment. 7-piece suit attributes are divided into 3 kinds: 3 piece, 5 piece, and 7 piece attributes. If your seven main players each have different equipment, the 7-piece suit will own all the three kinds of attributes. Please note that all the suits here are bound, and unable to be traded in auctions.

Exchange Earned Points for Items

The Master's League points you get from each round can be exchanged for Items. Don't forget to buy those items as soon as possible, as your points will be reset once a month. Each month’s points will expire in the next month. The items you can purchase in the mall are divided into limited and unlimited. You can exchange for unlimited items as many as you like. However, limited items can only be purchased up to 3 times per month. When your points reset, the limit on purchased item will also reset.

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