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Thousands of players are anxiously awaiting the upcoming launch of the first 3D browser-based RPG MMO, “War of Thrones”. Scheduled for a live US Server launch this Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST, 11/22/11. This free game title brings players World of Warcraft style gameplay without monthly fees or long downloads. With the attraction of instant gameplay, gamers world-wide will soon discover the excitement of the next generation in browser-based entertainment.

Game testers have reportedly trembled with awe when they saw the immersive 3D gameplay within their web browser. New gamers are preparing themselves for an epic adventure across 43 cities, countless dungeon instances, unlimited character customization and hundreds of items.


With the ranking boards, players can see in real time their rank against other players in a variety of categories including overall rank, PVP, military and assassination rank. This competitive and social aspect of the game, combined with engaging 3D graphics, makes ‘War of Thrones’ a shining light in the darkness of the browser gaming landscape.

Guild Warfare:
Through a unique system of guild warfare, players strive to dominate the landscape by taking over cities and towns as they battle with rival factions in their quest for supremacy. Players can gather an army of valiant warriors to represent their House and defend it with honor. There is also a sophisticated guild management system with dozens of unique guild buffs, items and abilities.

Party Questing:
With more than a dozen dungeon instances, players can create or join a party of up to 5 members for great experience bonuses. Each dungeon has Normal, Heroic and Legendary difficulties, with the most dangerous dungeons dropping the rarest items and equipment.

Solo Questing:
Every young hero sets out for fame and fortune with a few words of wisdom and in ‘War of Thrones’ the detailed quest guide sets players on the right track. They can explore expansive 3D environments and fight against hundreds of unique monsters on their path to glory!


Character Customization:
Gamers can master one of four weapon classes and use their skills to wield hundreds of upgradeable items. Zodiac points and trade skills give the power to choose one’s own destiny in ‘War of Thrones’.

Players worldwide are flocking to to see what people are calling the new ‘3D revolution in browser-based gaming’.

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