Call of Thrones S1 Origin Launches 6:00pm Nov.21

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Call of Thrones

The one month long beta test for Call of Thrones is coming to an end soon. During the past month, Call of Thrones received lots of suggestions from passionate players on how to improve the game. We also listened intently to our players about some of the faults of the game. With the devoted work of our team of developers, all of us here at Yeepgame constantly strive toward perfection for our product. So with great pleasure, we are happy to announce our improved version of Call of Thrones!!! You will be pleased to hear that the magnificent, purely 3D online game — Call of Thrones will be launched on 6:00pm Nov.21.

As the fifth product launched by Yeepgame, as well as a breaking point for Yeepgame team, Call of Thrones stands out from ordinary online games being one truly fantastic 3D webgame. Breathtaking scenes and addicting gameplay make Call of Thrones unique and addictingly fun.

Call of Thrones thrusts you into the middle of a war torn kingdom.  With an aging King and three Lords struggling for power, the destiny of this kingdom is YOURS to decide. You, a newly enlisted soldier, must serve your clan and bring peace to this kingdom on the brink of war. You hold the power to shape the fate of the world and set the kingdom on the path of peace.  This is Call of Thrones!  Test your fate and answer the call!

The mix of simulation and RPG elements in Call of thrones enables players to explore their own destiny while conquering territory and gaining power. The game’s 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer players the best graphics and smoothest gameplay of any browser-based game on the market. In addition with detailed character customization and trade specialization systems, players can truly direct the path of their heroes.

COT runs on D3D technology and requires a plugin to operate.  After you download the plugin, you can experience full 3D graphics right from your browser window.

Join the Call of Thones today and experience a new era in browser based games!

Play now:

Screenshots of Call of Thones:

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot



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