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In the last weeks the Skyrama team did a lot of balancing changes and improved the start of the game for new players.


- The world map is now complete

The SkyRama team have added all the missing countries and you can fly around the world

- The Seaplanes are landing

A new type of plane with a new hangar and runway. As usual you will get the hangar and the runway as a quest reward.

- SMS FlyBy

From now on you can use the FlyBy short message system to communicate with your friends. You can write texts up to 140 characters

- Passenger collection by mouse over

You don’t have to click on the icons any longer. A short mouse over is enough and the passengers will be collected

-New levels and quests

The SkyRama team have added 33 new quests and increased the level cap

However, due to some technical reasons everyone who was at the edge of the old level cap (level 26, 133000 XP) will be at level 27.They are not able to give you a higher level.

- News- & hints screen

This little popup shows you the newest hints and news whenever you login

- Lucky Luggage redesign

The SkyRama team divided the login bonus and the Lucky Luggage into two different windows.

Furthermore there is the possibility to win the Halloween items in the Lucky Luggage

Bug fixes:

- Several problems which caused login problems are fixed

- Improved the performance of the client

- Fixed a bug in the tutorial

- Several problems while servicing a plane are fixed

- Fixed the bug where the user received a second building instead of an upgrade of the building

- Several problems with the quests are fixed

- Fixed the problem that some collections couldn’t be collected

- Fixed a bug where the wrong user list was shown for a country

- A lot more minor bug fixes



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