Shikihime Zoushi Officially Launched

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Shikihime Zoushi, a browser-based online game developed by Japanese company KBMJ, has been officially launched at 1:00pm, Nov. 16. It is learned that the gameplay in the official server will start from where the third test ended. (PS: Shikihime Zoushi has gone through three tests right before the official launch.)

Shikihime Zoushi

In order to play Shikihime Zoushi, you need to register for a KBMJ Games Project account first, which can be done both on the official site of KBMJ or Shikihime Zoushi. After obtaining an account, you can start playing this game by clicking GameStart. However, since only Japanese version is available now, some Japanese skill is required.

Following the first server, the second one named Rosefinch also opened at 4:00pm the same day. Because the server-transfer service is not opened yet, all players in Rosefinch will start the play from the very beginning.

According to KBMJ, the official version has made some adjustment on the balance system, increased some new functions and fixed bugs based on players' feedback of the last test. In order to offer players a better enjoyment, some premium services will be added very soon. In addition, KBMJ also promised that they would release some updates and other data services from time to time in the future.

Shikihime Zoushi



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