Farmerama: New Runes and New Market are Coming!

Date: Nov 17 2011 03:01:59 Source: Official Forum Views:
KeyWord: Farmerama, Farmerama Update, Farmerama skilltree carvings, Farmerama New Market

Next week, finally, the long-promised new skilltree carvings will come to Farmerama. You can expect many carvings for crafting, faster production of workshops, an option to use the trophies for all meadows as well as packages for the new breeding animals.

In addition, Bigpoint will introduce a new kind of carving: In the future, the effect of a carving can be increased in several stages, i.e. an extension of the water tank of 110 units to 150 units and more. Thus, hard-working players with a lot of stars can enhance their hard-earned carvings and "upgrade" them.

Besides, there is another new feature. The dynamic market which had already been announced some time ago is finished now. But it will be given some more extensive testing, so there will be fewer bugs in the market.

In the future, the market price will depend on how big the demand for certain products is. So, for example, if there is a large demand for butterflies and they are more expensive in the average prices, the average price and maximum price will rise. You will be able to sell your butterflies at a higher price.

Expected start of the new market is Friday, 18th of November 2011.



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