Build Your Legend as a Hero of the Realm on World of Heroes V2.1

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World of Heroes

World of Heroes 2.1(OBT) will fiery open on Yeepgame on 19 pm,17thNov., 2011 MST(Game Time). The version 2.1 continues the old features of version 1.35, but also presents new features. Let us first see the features of World of Heroes 2.1.

1. Impressive 3D Scenes

The 3D scenesin World of Heroes 2.1 include the pure Riders’ Castle, Elves Town, and the fantastic World of Wizards. These mystical locations make for an unforgettable gaming experience.

World of Heroes

2. Large-scale 2.5D Battles

The 2.5D battles in World of Heroes 2.1 elevate the game to a new level, with stunning magic effects, realistic battle scenes and animated attacks, WOH 2.1 offers alot more than just a text description. When your sword slices through your enemies and magic flies overhead, when the sounds of iron hooves ring through the valley, the thrill of battle will overtake you!

World of Heroes

3. Strategic Warfare

World of Heroes 2.1 uses a ‘War Chess’ battle system, where players control every actionby moving along a chessboard-like map. Cooperation among multiple armies tests not only the strength of your forces but also your intelligence and strategy.

In World of Heroes using cooperative maneuvers to launch long-range attacks and cast spells will considerably improve your army’s effectiveness. The heart of strategy lies in its application, consider using combined attacks during your next campaign!

World of Heroes

4. Magic

The landis full of powerful magic. These spells will aid your hero as you journey through the world. It is said that a blessed buff will protect your allies, andan evil curse can defeat an enemy army.

As a secondary figure, the hero does not participate directly in war but instead casts spells on the field of battle. World of Heroes 2.1 has a 9-Level magic tree.

The majority of magical attacks are used in battles to change the conditions on the field. There are various kinds of magic, some add attack and defense, some control an opponent’s movement, some summon minions, and others copy techniques. You decide how to use them!

World of Heroes

5. Camp characters

Three races, Riders, Elves and Dark Priests inhabit the world. They represent justice,evil and neutrality in World of Heroes 2.1

Each race has distinctive characteristics. The Brother Union of Riders improves morale; the mysterious pool of Elves increases Luck; the sunless skeletal grounds of the Dark Priests transform soldiers into skeletons immediately. The Riders’ morale, Elves’ luck and the Dark Priests’ skeletal bodies reflect the character of each civilization!

6. Factions

Players from each nation are grouped into factions. A nation is divided into a people area,soldier area, noble’s area, king area and a god area. The more maps a player possesses,the more areas he or she can explore. Exploration also leads to more gold, as the gold deposits in each region depend on the number of players in a region.Someday area and even nationwide wars will be fought in World of Heroes 2.1. Players from different regions can PK directly. In every area there is a player ranking system where players can change their rank by challenging others.

7. The Arena

The arena is a base for PvP action, where players can compete for honor, military rankand soldiers. The more honor players accumulate the higher their military rank and the more soldiers their army can recruit!

World of Heroes

8. Gold War

Gold warsare team battles, also called union wars. To participate in a gold war you mustsign up before the conflict begins. Enrollment is from 7 p.m. on the day before the war till 7 p.m. during the first day of the war. Every team can have up to30 players. Every player can send only one hero to fight.

When the gold war ends, all the members on the winning team will be able to harvest gold every day until the start of the next war. Players can harvest gold five time sper day. However, there is a two minute cool down on the harvest feature.

9. Epic Scale

World of Heroes 2.1 combines western-style magic with plenty of epic tasks, including the quests ‘the Dragon/Hero Mourier’, ‘The End of Flame’ and ‘the MillenniumDragon’s wings.’



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