Evony Unveils Sexy New Mascot

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NEW YORK - November 10, 2011 - Evony, the landmark free-to-play empire-building game, today announced a new advertising campaign which will feature a live depiction of the game's iconic character, Lady Eva. Appearing on and in-game in tutorials, Eva is characterized as a blonde, toga-clad woman who is no stranger to the ways of war. To ensure that the upcoming ad campaign, which features Eva in a variety of settings and costumes instantly recognizable to players, would meet high fan demand for the much-loved mascot, Evony gave players the choice of who would bring the iconic character to life through a "Face of Evony" contest on Facebook. The players' selection will begin appearing online in the new advertisements in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Evony: Lady Eva

"Our decision to use a live version of Eva represents an important new direction for Evony's advertising," said Tony Cerrato, Marketing Officer at Evony, LLC. "Of course many people are aware of our old, discontinued series and to a lesser extent our current series of ads which focus solely on gameplay. We developed the new campaign after closely studying the effectiveness of our past efforts, while also listening to our players and our critics. Our goal is to provide entertaining and informative ads that stand out from the crowd of competitors but garner brand recognition. Eva is our most iconic character, prominently greeting players as they log on and showing new 'Evonians' how to play. We're proud that the new ads will allow us to showcase our community's choice for the new 'Face of Evony.'"

Evony is a free, persistent online game which pioneered a new genre of empire-building games. Millions of players across Evony's two titles, Evony: Age I and Evony: Age II, engage daily in a battle for supremacy, building cities and conquering each other in a race to become the most powerful player or alliance on their server. Played in over 167 countries around the world, with a variety of items and stratagems and unique challenges like Historic Cities, Evony continues to grow by adding new features.


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About Evony, LLC

Evony, LLC was founded to bring a new kind of game to life – a fun, competitive, and social empire-building experience that has spearheaded an entirely new genre of online games. Evony: Age I and Evony: Age II are the culmination of the company's vision; since the launch of Age I, approximately 27 million registered accounts have competed with each other on the Evony battlefields. Evony, LLC owns the rights to the Evony brand, and with a focused and passionate team, the company oversees the development and management of the game through partnerships with proven vendors, including Regan Mercantile, LLC.



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