Will You Resort to Related Guides When Playing a Game?

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In most cases, the gaming fun derives from adventure and exploration. Certain mysteries are quite necessary for a game, but sometimes, there're so many mysterious elements in the game that players have to turn to related guides. Thus, a wide array of game guides could be found here and there on game portals and forums.

Crystal Saga

Speaking of game guides, we would naturally think of RPGs first. Lots of RPG players should be very clear that without the help of related guides, some rather unnoticeable side quests in a game can hardly be spotted. Meanwhile, large numbers of players appeal to game guides for the sake of leveling up swiftly, completing quests smoothly, earning gold within a short time...

Of course, not only RPGs but also sports & strategy games are closely bound up with guides. For example, in DDTank, a good many players resort to related guides to know more about how to hit opponents accurately by taking advantage of the wind and adjusting the shooting angle & force.(DDTank Guide: Strategies and Formulas)

DDTank Screenshot

But from my point of view, though able to help players conquer the game content efficiently, game guides can also divest players of the fun of self-exploration and the sense of accomplishment. So, what's your opinion of game guides?

Actually, in most cases, we can play games frequently to solve existing problems, no matter how confused we are. It can be said that game guides only play an auxiliary role in helping us take the right road.

Anyway, in some complicated games, we are usually in need of more comprehensive info, e.g. equipment attributes, bosses in various instances, and the items sold in each store. With the support of related guides, we can save much time in searching for such info and make better decisions. In this respect, guides seem an integral part of games.

So, when playing a game, do you prefer to explore the gaming world on your own or resort to related guides?

Will you Resort to Related Guides When Playing a Game?



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