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Call of Thrones

In a world where client-based games dominate the MMORPG market, browser games tend to focus on younger users and offer a limited amount of content. However, Gamewave Interactive's Yeepgame, shifts the direction of online game development with their new title Call of Thrones. With today's high-speed connections and faster computers, download free software finally crosses the graphics barrier. Call of Thrones takes this approach and presents players with a full 3D RPG experience.

Call of Thrones features an expansive game world, where players explore several different regions. Each of the areas in COT includes unique NPCs and visuals that follow the main storyline. From ferocious wild Apes to the slightly bizarre, Fruit General, expect to see a departure from standard character models. The depth of content also extends to the character development system, as players progress through over 60 levels of quests and missions. COT puts the tutorial system into the main quest, and you can learn to play as you build up your character. In addition to the more traditional quest and grind format, COT emphasizes multiplayer action through a guild system, where you connect with the player community through guild sponsored events and siege battles.

Call of Thrones

For a browser game, multiplayer action normally consists of players messaging one another and sharing a friends list, however, on COT the interaction happens in real time. Siege battles and arena combat allow you to engage other players without interrupting gameplay. During a siege battle, the attacking guild tries to take control of the city from the opposing team. Guilds form the basis of player communities and function as hubs for everything from battles to festivities. Players can join guilds in War of Thrones for the purpose of completing more difficult instances that cannot be soloed and also for engaging in siege warfare with other guilds. Weapons and Armor also play an important role in siege warfare and add a strategy element to the world in Call of Thrones.

COT includes over several hundred in-game items and the diversity spills over into the instanced dungeons. These special regions put players into multi-level missions, where both the enemies and the quest rewards get an upgrade. Take for instance, Demon Prince Moloch, this enemy lurks in the shadows of the game but influences the fate of the realm. Each instance can be switched to a different difficulty level and the experience changes with each play through.

If you are looking for a cross-platform alternative to the standard MMO game, Yeepgame's Call of Thrones places you in the next generation of online gaming.



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